We operate under the principles of openness regarding our product and how it works. Spare parts are avaliable, so is most of the source code so that whatever happens to us you can still use BoPi forever. Its also easy to repair.

BoPi started as a DIY project for one pool because the latest machinery installed in 2021 was still very old in design and functionnality and I could not bear to turn the lights from the pool shed anymore.

I’m not the only one

That DIY project quickly revealed a common issue amongst pool owner as anyone who heard about it asked if they could get one for their own pool to be done with the daily annoyances of managing and maintaining a pool.

From there, code was written to support all functionnalities, custom electronics circuits were made to not depend on outside manufacturers, many tests versions were made, but most of all, the project was completed.

Now BoPi is ready for anyone who can use a smartphone to use, installation is as easy as can be on the pool machinery and its time to unleash it on pool owners. Yes there is some plumbing to do but its easy plumbing. Same goes for the wiring and once its done, you’re set and ready to call your pool modern and easy maintenance.

The principles behind BoPi

BoPi came from a need for modern equipment for the pool at a reasonnable price. BoPi’s birth was also surrounded by opaque user manuals for expensive pool machinery and equipment. Because of those, BoPi is the complete opposite.

Here are some of the values that make BoPi

  • Open Design, transparent design, honest box
  • Schematics are public to any owner of a registered BoPi, you can use them to repair, modify or duplicate it (but consider the value of our work and don’t copy it)
  • Open Source, the code running BoPi is open source, including the apps and modules. The only non public part is the communication protocols as we’d rather keep it safe but anyone could code their own easily.
  • Parts avaliability, we use commonly avaliable parts so should you need a spare sensor or mounting bracket or peristaltic pump, you don’t need us and we can’t charge a huge overhead for it.
  • Cloud is optional, you can use our servers or you can decide to stay private, its up to you and we don’t mind. BoPi doesn’t need our servers to work, never will and will work perfectly withouth them.
  • Data is yours, we won’t get anything beyond your registration info and even that we won’t sell. You don’t have to share BoPi with anyone.
  • Maximum compatibility, BoPi was designed to work with most if not all pools, you don’t need to have expensive machinery nor are you stuck in an ecosystem.

What more is there

BoPi is a passion project, not a bilion dollar empire, we do feel like the “do no evil” quote makes sense and we want people to enjoy our product as much as possible so they can enjoy their pools.

Of course, some cases will not be compatible with BoPi but we’re very open to input and ideas and will try our best to implement anything we feel will make BoPi better.

Our goal is to make a great product and if we can, keep making it even better and wider compatible.