Meet BoPi

Get a smarter pool

BoPi will make your pool smarter and your life easier.

Its simple to use, made to be practical for anyone at any age, you just need a smartphone.

No subscription, cloud service is optional and free for 3 years anyways. Its not needed for BoPi to work.

It will save you some money over time by having your pool run just right and avoid over spending.

Easy to install, you only need a basic set of tools and some patience to DIY it.

Set it up once and forget it until you need it or it needs more product but that won’t be often.

We’re here to help, you’ll find plenty of ressources on this website to get you started

Make it your own!

BoPi is a nice little box, you don’t have to use all it does, you don’t even need to use anything if you just want it to look pretty on the wall. Any BoPi comes with the air temperature and humidity sensor included inside but everything else is optional and can be enabled or disabled following your needs. That also means its evolutive as you can add stuff later on.

Use it anywhere!

BoPi can be used in many ways. As it comes out of the box, it can connect to bluetooth (used for setup from the app) and WiFi. Using WiFi, BoPi can integrate with most domotics and home assistants, we’ll list avaliable plugins for those as they come but the box is ready to work with them and anyone can create a module to get the data.

If you so choose and its entirely up to you, BoPi can use our own servers to send logging data that you can retrieve on your phone via the app or on this website from any able device. Your data is yours, we’re not sharing it, we’re not selling it and the only use case we may have is to build some usage statistics but those would be fully anonymous and avaliable right here for everyone to enjoy.

BoPi does not have GPS and we don’t collect GPS data or any location data, we don’t care where you are or where you use it, its not our business to track people, just to make pools easier and safer to use.

Custom Electronics but 100% repairability.

BoPi is built on a custom circuit board but components can be replaced with a soldering iron should anything go wrong. This is important as it means less waste and you know you can use BoPi for many years to come. We’ll even provide schematics so any repair shop can fix it.

Bopi’s brain is based on a commonly avaliable Espressif ESP32 which means that anyone willing to code it could update or change how it works. If you’re not inclined of feel the need to do so, you don’t have to. We’ve done all the coding for you so its plug & play as a complete unit. We can even provide you with updates you can install over the air without having to plug anything or use any complicated software.

Because we like openness and we want BoPi to find many good homes to make better, we’ll even offer it as a DIY project where you can get a complete PCB then design and 3d print your own enclosure (or print ours if you feel like it) and build your own BoPi.


For now, BoPi can only be ordered via our crowdfunding campaing. We are doing it so we can get a leg up and order components in bulk and build it for a good price. BoPi is a complete product that’s been tested for a few months in various conditions and multiple prototype versions. We are now ready to ship it but building such a product requires some bulk ordering that the crowdfunding campaing will allow us to do.

As you may see, we either offer the complete kit or the naked box, both contain the same BoPi but one of them will require that you order sensors and mounting hardware either here or online at various retailers or in your usual pool shop. We will of course provide you with a complete list of what you need for your installation.