BoPi Max

560,00 795,00 

The pool electrical panel powered by BoPi.

All of BoPi in a pre-wired electrical control panel for your pool!

The easiest way to wire your pool and BoPi properly and quickly. You just need to bring in electrical power and use the quick connections for wiring your pump, lights and any other accessories you want controlled.

The electrical panel also allows you to add breakers if needed either by special request before ordering or by yourself at the time of installation.

We can provide you with a 100VA transformer for your pool lights or you can integrate your own with a DIN mounting plate and our pre-wiring.

Control your pool from your smartphone

BoPi allows you simple control of your pool from your smarthphone, you can keep an eye on it or modify its settings without ever setting foot into the pool shed.

Multiple users can have access to BoPi so anyone in your household can check on the temperature or turn the pool off if needed.

The App is avaliable on iOS and Android.

Finally a pool management software. Say hello to BoPi OS.

Built to make pool maintenance easy.

BoPi OS is the heart of BoPi hardware and upcomming extensions. It allows for unified communication protocols. Lightweight, highly configurable and supporting multiple communication methods, it can run a variety of modules as well as the main controller and you can talk to it from your smartphone, tablet or existing domotic system (Home assistant for example).

What’s included ?

  • BoPi

  • 0, 1 or 2 peristaltic pumps (if selected)

  • Air temperature probe

  • Water temperature probe

  • water temperature probe holder

  • pH Probe (if selected)

  • ORP Probe (if selected)

  • Electrical Panel
  • 4 Breakers (1x16A and 3x10A)
  • Differential switch (40A)
  • Pump Contactor
  • 3 way switch (on, off, automatic)
  • On/Off Switch for BoPi
  • Internal wiring

What’s not included ?

  • Mounting collars

  • Extra Electrical wire