Find the perfect fit for your pool

We have two options currently, a third on the way and more to come to fit every kind of pool and pool owner out there. BoPi Basic will serve your needs for some automation of an already regulated pool while BoPi will allow you the same convenience while adding pH and Chlorine measurements and regulation capability.

If you need help to decide, feel free to contact us using the link at the bottom of the page.

BoPi Basic

Pool automation without pH and Chlorine régulation.

Pool Pump Control
Pool Lights Control
2 extra relays
Temperature Probe



All you need to automate and regulate your pool.

Pool Pump Control
Pool Lights Control
2 extra relays
pH Probe
Redox Probe
pH pump
Redox Pump
2 Temperature probes



BoPi Max

Tableau électrique connecté par BoPi

A pool’s connected electrical panel powered by BoPi

All of BoPi already wired and mounted into a complete electrical panel made for your pool, easy to install.